In Short

As the UK’s leading company aquisition specialist we offer a genuine alternative to our clients which will give you a clean bill of health going forwards, your reputation will be intact, and we’ll deal with all the outstanding issues. 

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not!

We can help you with all your financial problems. The traditional insolvency route can be fraught with danger. Not least because a licensed insolvency practitioner has sole legal and financial responsibility to your creditors.


This is how it works.

We will acquire your company and you can resign and let us handle everything from that point on.  Our team of lawyers, accountants and specialist negotiators will deal with everything, from preparing financial reports and negotiating with your creditors, to attending any necessary insolvency meetings. We will present your former business and your role in it, to all your stakeholders in the most favourable light possible.

We can help you  avoid Insolvency proceedings, claims or prosecution for Insolvency Offences.

We can't of course do anything that breaks the law. But we can and will put ourselves as far as possible in your shoes, and represent your best interest to help you avoid proceedings and problems. We have an unblemished record for assisting our clients through the minefield which is the insolvency process.

We can help your business through this difficult time. There may be many reason why you cannot simply sell your business and walk away.
We are the UK's leading unlicensed Insolvency Practitioners and Insolvent Business Acquisition Specialists
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