Directors Protection Service

Our Director's Post Insolvency Protection Service Could Be Exactly What You Need.

We hope your insolvency proceeds without incident but in our long experience things can sometimes take a nasty turn for the worse; it's unfortunately the way the legislation is constructed to work against former directors or shadow directors of businesses. 

The good news is we offer a DIRECTORS PROTECTION POST INSOLVENCY SERVICE which protects you in the process of the Official Receiver's (OR), HMRC or any appointed Liquidators investigation into your conduct in relation to the affairs of your company.

There are many pitfalls and dangers that can have serious personal and/or financial consequences for former directors if not dealt with in a competent and professional way.

The general approach of the OR, HMRC and Liquidator is to investigate conduct with a view to obtaining a disqualification, prosecution of offences in insolvency, or money recovery claims, for example directors loan,  against personal assets of former directors.  These may include Disqualification, Offences such as a Shadow Director, Fraudulent or Wrongful Trading, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Misfeasance, Trading Whilst Insolvent, Conspiracy to Cheat the Revenue or even failure to keep proper books and records. All these can lead to at best serious financial damage or at worst loss of personal liberty. 

In these circumstances it is important to handle the communications between you and the OR, HMRC or Liquidator in a very delicate and specific way to avoid the potentially serious negative consequences. 

This is where we come in. We will handle all correspondence and attend all necessary meetings (if any) and any Court appearances, as required. We will insist that the OR, HMRC or Liquidator first  put questions only in writing and we will provide carefully crafted replies aimed to exonerate you and present your conduct in such a way that you avoid any difficulties to the fullest extent possible under the law.

As an aside we are able to confirm that we have represented over 2,500 insolvent company directors over 25 years in the UK. We are the UK's leading Post Insolvency Director Protection Specialist and in that time none of our clients have had a disqualification, prosecution or claim stemming from offences under the Insolvency Acts (as amended).

Our fee is fixed at £2,500 plus VAT per director, excluding any agreed legal disbursements, and if you take the service within 30 days of first enquiring, our fees are capped until the case is closed and there are no additional fees to pay.

After 30 days the fee increases to £7,500 plus VAT as clients sometimes leave their decision until they face serious issues that need to be dealt immediately that we could have prevented or avoided if we'd been instructed at an earlier stage. 

Upon receipt of your payment we will telephone the OR, HMRC or Liquidator and have them direct all correspondence to us and thereafter conduct the matter wholly and exclusively on your behalf.

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