About Us

No Business Plans To Fail But When They Do You Need A Plan.

When your business is facing problems it nearly always has potentially catastrophic repercussions in all areas of your life, we know that because we’re all been where you are today.

You are confronted with a myriad of options most of which are daunting and could risk your financial  independence at best and even your liberty at worst.

We are here to represent YOU and you alone; that as you will read, is a unique position in the dark and murky world of corporate Insolvency, one which we hope you will never have to visit again.

How can you be sure we know what we’re talking about?

Because members of our team (never you the client) have faced countless threats and actions from bodies and people, including but not limited to Governments, HMRC and hostile creditors who do not want you to have any chance of walking away unscathed from the situation you find yourself in without facing punishment. It’s the only field of law where you are not allowed a defence and you are obliged to give ‘them’ enough of your own evidence to make sure you hang yourself.

It has been said that our model is intended to ‘undermine or subvert’ the UK insolvency regime as set out in the Insolvency Act 1986 (“IA86”), far from it. It is intended to give individuals being either shareholders or de facto or shadow directors of UK companies (our Clients) facing potential prosecution, claims or investigations under the IA86 or from third party creditors (the Consequences) a legal alternative to formal Insolvency and then to help and assistance those Clients to face those Consequences. It is commonly accepted practice that a Client instructing an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) to whom they will be required to pay substantial sums of money to will not be told of the potential Consequences by their IP in advance of their instruction to them and we have evidence that this has happened in all the 1000’s of cases brought to us and more than 3,246 other cases of known UK Corporate Insolvency with evidence provided by the Clients involved.

We say it is the modus operandi of the IP’s generally to conceal from Clients the Consequences of their potential Insolvency, prior to taking instructions and to fail make clear to Clients what is an inherent conflict of interest in the regime as it currently stands, that undermines and subverts UK Insolvency practice.

So there you have our heart felt and controversial warning which upsets the establishment, but we’re not here to be liked by anyone but you. Please don’t take our word for it, ask your Insolvency Practitioner to give this, very reasonable, written undertaking before you part with your cash:

“We have reviewed the affairs of XYZ Ltd (your company) and from the information you have provided to us, and unless something we are unaware of comes to light, we do not anticipate we will have any grounds for recommending prosecution or disqualification or seeking any form of legal redress against yourself or any connected third party.

In these circumstances we are happy to accept your instructions.

Yours sincerely


If they will give you that undertaking by all means go with them and good luck, if not, you need to discuss the alternatives with us.

What are those Alternatives?

Our team of lawyers, accountants and specialist negotiators will deal with everything from preparing financial reports and negotiating with creditors, to attending any necessary Insolvency meetings. We will present your former business and your role in it to all stakeholders in the most favourable light possible.

What experience do we have?

We are the UK's leading Unlicensed Insolvency Practitioners & Insolvent Business Acquisition Specialists. We have no direct professional body to answer to or licence to protect, so we can fight your corner to the fullest extend the law allows without any professional body reprimanding us for using ‘dirty tricks’ against the people we are protecting you from.

Our Specialists have made thousands of company acquisitions and Debt Management Plans over the last 25 years, they have been resoundingly successful and all our Clients give our services a100% approval rating, you will be able to ask some of them yourself.

Can you help me avoid Insolvency proceedings or prosecution for Insolvency Offences?

We of course can't do anything that breaks the law, but we can and will put ourselves as far as possible in your shoes and represent your best interests using ‘every legal trick in the book' to help you avoid proceedings or problems. We have an unblemished record for assisting our Clients through the mine field, which is the insolvency process.

How much will it cost?

We charge a fee equivalent to £5,000 plus VAT or 10% of the net liabilities in your business whichever is the greater. In complex cases, our fees may be higher due to increased accountancy, legal or other professional fees.